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"You Are Not Alone"

About Hue & Cry Inc.
Your best choice for life safety and security
for business and home.

Hue & Cry brings the best in advanced technologies, security and life safety services to homes and businesses in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Since 1977, we've been protecting people just like you

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Founded by a Police Officer.

Bill and Kathy Culmer started Hue & Cry in 1977. Bill was a police officer in San Mateo, CA. Bill and Kathy grew tired of crime and poor alarm systems and started Hue & Cry to make things better. As the company grew, his 14 year career in law enforcement came to an end so he could dedicate his full attention to his alarm business. We are now well in to the second generation at the helm with signs of the next generation not too far in to the future.

Hue & Cry Inc starts in 1977

Hue and Cry values and integrity

Values You Can Trust.

We have three core values we bring to you:

Truth – We present what is real and true and customize security solutions around your situation and needs. We'll never use a one-size fits-all approach with your protection.

Innovation – We only use current, stable protection technologies and product components which are necessary and reliably effective in accomplishing your objectives.

Reliability – Hue & Cry is a trusted source for protection and continually seeks better answers, solutions and approaches to solving customer's security and life safety issues in an effective, affordable way.

Community and
Industry Involvement.

At Hue & Cry, we take an active role in making our communities a safer place to live. That's why we belong to industry associations that promote ethics and best practices in the security industry. We also belong to organizations that make our communities a better place to live.

Hue & Cry Community and Industry Involvement

About the name Hue & Cry

About Our Name.

In the Middle Ages power laid in the hands of the feudal lords. They dealt with the affairs of their tenants. There was no effective mechanism for a higher national government until William the Conqueror. The Norman Conquest in 1066 by William the Conqueror laid the foundation for the centralized government, the king's court or Curia Regis. These were a group of men who assisted the king and exercised the powers he gave to them. This was the beginning of common law, the term used to describe the law common to all of England as opposed to feudal law which was the local law. Thus under William a strong central government evolved. There was an immediate tightening up of the enforcement of public order. The duty of belonging to a group and of joining in the "hue and cry" (which is the human cry) in pursuit of offenders was impressed on each community.

Hue and Cry was the phrase used to signify the old common law process of pursuing a criminal with horn and voice. It was the duty of a person who was the victim of to a crime or who discovered a felony to raise the hue and cry and his neighbors were bound to turn out with him and assist in the pursuit of the offender. All those joining in the pursuit were justified in arresting the person accused. If the accused resisted they could be killed; while if they submitted to capture, his fate would be decided. Proof was not required of his guilt but merely that he had been taken by the hue and cry. The various statues relating to hue and cry were repealed in 1827.

Community Involvement

National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association California Alarm Association Automatic Fire Alarm Association California Fire Alarm Association Central Station Alarm Association Better Business Bureau National Fire Protection Association Sacramento Area Alarm Association
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Anderson, CA

1751 Bruce Drive
Anderson, CA 96007

Sacramento, CA

6009-100 Auburn Blvd
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Bay Area, CA

633 Quarry Rd Suite C
San Carlos, CA 94070


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Hue & Cry, Inc. is pleased to employ NICET certified fire alarm engineers.

Hue & Cry, Inc. owns and operates its own U.L. Certified central monitoring station.

Hue & Cry, Inc. corporate office is at 1751 Bruce Drive, Anderson, CA 96007: State License #ACO428-Contractor License #620587


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