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How to Create a Visitor Management Policy for Construction Sites

Posted on: July 25th, 2011 by 0jifdnguu 1 Comment

Hart Hat AreaConstruction sites are huge targets for injuries, thefts and lawsuits.

If you want to protect the people and property on your construction site, you need a visitor management policy.

A visitor management policy controls the flow of people onto your construction site.  This type of policy helps to protect your site and crew from unwanted visitors.  If you do not have a visitor management policy, you’re putting your construction site at risk.

To help you develop your own visitor management policy, here are some key tips to consider.

1.  Create a Single Entry Point for Visitors

If you want to control the traffic coming into your construction site, you need to find a central location where you can control traffic.  You see this very often at military bases and other high-security areas.

The same should apply at a construction site.  Have a controlled entry point near a gate.  Have someone there to meet with all visitors who enter the site.  If you cannot have someone at the gate, it’s important to have signage pointing visitors to a check-in station/office.

2. Have Visitor Check In 

Once you have a single entry point, you’ll want to have a station where visitors can check-in to your construction site.  Have them sign in.  You’ll want them to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Organization/Company
  • Date and Time of Check-in

This information will help you to monitor who is on your site.  During the check-in, you’ll also want to get a reason/purpose why they are visiting the site.

It’s important to have your employees trained to suspect any suspicious behavior from the people checking into your construction site.

Hard Hat3. Have Visitor Badges

In order to keep track of the visitors on your construction site, you should create visitor badges.  This makes it easy to identify visitors on your construction site.  If you don’t like to use visitor badges, consider using a different colored hardhat for visitors.

The important thing is to make it easy for employees and you to easily identify visitors on your job site.

4.  Never Leave Visitors Unsupervised

Letting a visitor wonder around your construction site is a bad idea.  You’re just asking for an injury or a lawsuit.  Always have someone who can keep an eye on the visitor.

Train your employees on this.  This will help to protect the visitor as well as your construction site.

5.  Warn Your Visitors of Dangers

A construction site can be a dangerous place for a visitor, especially if they aren’t on construction sites a lot.  Before taking the visitor on to the site, make sure they are properly warned about the potential dangers of the site.

Also be sure to inform them on how they must be supervised at all times on the site.  Finally, make sure they are wearing the proper safety equipment such as hardhats and protective glasses when necessary.

6.  Inform Your Employees of the Policy

A visitor policy is only as good as the people that enforce it.  If you want to keep your construction site safe, you need to tell your employees about the policy as well as how to enforce it.

This will help to ensure that everyone is protected on your construction site.


At Hue & Cry Security Systems, we know our way around construction site.  For years, we’ve been helping contractors with their fire, camera, access control and security needs.

For more great tips for contractors, read the Hue & Cry Security Systems Blog.  Also, be sure to follow our Facebook Page where you’ll get great contractor tips.

When you need life safety and low voltage security help on your next job, give us a call at 800-762-3196 or visit the Hue & Cry Security Systems Contact Page.

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