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The Top 20 iPad Apps For Contractors & Small Business Owners

Posted on: October 14th, 2011 by 0jifdnguu 1 Comment

There are tons of great iPad apps for small businesses.

Intuit, Small Biz Trends and Business Insider are just a few sites that have lists of the top iPad apps for small business owners.

At Hue & Cry Security Systems, we wanted to create a list of iPad apps for small business owners in the construction industry.

The 20 apps below will help you on the job site, in the construction trailer and at home.  These apps reduce stress, increase productivity and help you meet your goals!

For The Construction Trailer

  1. Todo for iPadKeep track of your daily tasks with this easy to use task manager for the iPad.  This app features drag and drop sorting and more. $4.99.
  2. numbersNumbersCreate easy-to-use spreadsheets on your iPad.  This app includes more than 250 functions to help you create impressive charts and tables. $9.99.
  3. iTalk RecorderRecord meetings and more with this iPad app.  Manage all of your recordings with a single fingertip.  It’s very easy to use. Free.
  4. EvernoteTake important notes on the go with Evernote.  With the iPad, you can take text and audio notes as well as view existing content from your computer. Free.
  5. CalendarsManage your meetings online and offline with this iPad app.  With Calendars, you can easily move events by dragging and dropping them on your calendar. $6.99.
  6. AlarmedGet pop-up reminders sent to your iPad.  It’s easy to create lots of customizable reminders that will keep you on track. Free.
  7. FingerCADCreate quick CAD drawings on your iPad.  You can easily send any drawings via email to be printed.  $5.99.
  8. PagesWith this app, you can type memos and other documents from your iPad.  We recommend purchasing a keyboard if you’re doing a lot of typing. $9.99.

In The Field 

  1. E-CalcE-CalcCalculate many formulas based on the electrical code with this app.  It includes load amperage formulas and more.  $9.99.
  2. Concrete CalculatorCalculate the cost for concrete on the job with this calculator for the iPad and iPhone.  You’ll get the required cubic yards of concrete as well as total cost.  $0.99.
  3. Project Quote EstimateFigure out costs for lumber, drywall, asphalt and more with this construction field estimator.  $4.99.
  4. iBlue PrintView blueprints from your iPad with this app.  iBlue Print allows you to pinch-zoom on any part of a blueprint. Free.
  5. iHandy Level – Turn your iPad as well as your iPhone into a level on the job site.  It works great when you need to quickly check if something is level. Free.
  6. Contract Maker ProDon’t have time to go back into the trailer for a contract?  Create one on your iPad with Contract Maker Pro. $4.99.

At Home 

  1. Stress CheckMonitor your stress levels with this app for the iPad.  Save your scores to see if you’re doing a good job keeping your stress in check.  Free.
  2. Easy Relax – After a hard day on the job, use the Easy Relax to reduce stress levels.  Create custom sounds that will calm you down.  It’s great to listen to before sleeping. $0.99.
  3. Diet & Food TrackerA healthy diet makes success a lot easier.  Use this app to track what you’re eating at home and on the job.
  4. Morning MotivationWake up on the right side of the bed with Morning Motivation.  This app asks you five questions to remind you of the great things in your life. $1.99.
  5. Happiness Tips – Find inspiration with this app.  Happiness Tips provides you with hundreds of tips to find happiness at home and at work.  Free.
  6. LEED GreenStudy to become LEED certified with this app.  It’s great for preparing for the LEED Green Associates exam.  $8.99.

For More Great Ideas Contact Us! 

At Hue & Cry Security Systems, we’re the number one fire and security contractor in Northern California and Oregon.  We have lots of ideas that can help you increase productivity on the job site!

People love us because we finish jobs on time and on budget.  For great ideas and how we can help you today, give us a call at 800-762-3196 or visit the Hue & Cry Security Systems Contact Page.

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